Microforges & Microgrinders

Microforges & Microgrinders



Microforges & Microgrinders – Microelectrode Grinders allow glass micropipettes to be beveled in order to produce sharper tips. Such tips can facilitate cell penetration in studies which require intracellular recording or injection. Microforges use a heated element to melt the glass at the end of individual microelectrodes. This procedure can be carried out to produce specialist tools for cell handling during injection or be applied gently to tips to “fire polish” them prior to patch clamping experiments. Fire polishing not only cleans and smoothes the pipette tip, but also provide a means to increase the pipette resistance.

Narishige EG-45 Microgrinder (replaces EG-44)
This unit can bevel micropipette tips. The coarse and fine movement coaxial manipulator ensures stable height adjustment of the pipettes and the special motor provides very stable operation at both low and high revolutions. With virtually no vibration or wobbling of the plane, very precise work can be performed. In addition, an adaptor is provided specifically for vertical grinding, and there are new mechanisms for pouring and draining water, to prevent clogging of the whetstone and accumulation of shavings caused by insufficient lubrication.

Narishige EG-401 Microgrinder (replaces EG-400)
The EG-401 permits the grinding of a pulled micropipette tip at a preset angle by manipulating the vertical coarse and fine coaxial knob. It also allows the operator to observe the micropipette tip touching the whetstone surface via its built-in 30x microscope. The EG-401’s special motor ensures stable rotating speed from low to high rpm. The EG-401 features a low power LED light source.

Narishige MF-830 Microforge
A fine finish for microelectrode tips in patch clamp is assured with advanced fire-polishing technology, which eliminates imperfections on the tip surface that could damage delicate membranes. The MF-830 fire polisher has heater and lamp adjusting dials on the front, and independent manipulators for positioning the heater and microelectrodes. The heater manipulator allows fine vertical adjustments, making it possible to achieve a closer, more precise approach to the electrode. The unit features a 500x high magnification lens.

Narishige MF-900 Microforge
The MF-900 fire polisher has separate, easy to operate and stable manipulators to adjust micropipette and heater positions independently. A three dimensional remote controlled manipulator is attached to the microscope, which incorporates a heater. All the procedures required to shape and polish glass micropipette tips are carried out by the operator with ease. In addition, a protractor is built into the eye piece to allow the operator to monitor tips angles precisely.

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