DS7A Stimulator Digitimer

In a study reminiscent of the research into human obedience by Milgram in the 1960s, recently featured in the biopic “Experimenter”, Patrick Haggard (University College London) and Human Coercion with the Digitimer DS7A Stimulatorcolleagues at UCL and Université Libre de Bruxelles have used time interval perception as a measure of the sense of agency when delivering financial harm or pain to a human. They found that estimates of the time interval between a free choice or coerced keypress and a resultant audible tone were significantly different. The authors attributed this difference to a reduced sense of agency when the “agent” was coerced into delivering either type of harm to the “victim”.

Digitimer DS7A High Voltage Constant Current Stimulator

The Digitimer DS7A Stimulator was selected as the “instrument of torture”, as it is capable of delivering painful electrical stimulation in a controlled and safe manner. Take a look at the research which was published in the journal, Current Biology.